In the name of Allah; the entirely merciful; the especially merciful - بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Friday, 30 August 2013

More seizures: New medication, new hope.

This is just a quick update about Mujhee's seizures. There are few reasons that make her seizures increase like viral infections, puberty and teething. Yes she is still teething at 9 years old. The tooth has been there for more than 6 months but the gum has not yet been pierced. Note to myself to call for a dentist appointment.

Her medication has been reviewed last Friday. She is on a new medication called oxcarbazepine. Her clobazam has been increased to 1 tablet twice a day. She is still on levitiracetam but the doctor will reduce it later as it hasn't helped in controlling the seizures.

Before the review she got more of the normal absence seizures like day dreaming by being very still followed by chewing movements, rapid breathing and rhythmic blinking. Her clonic or grand mal seizures has increased this time with the jerking of her arms, red colour in her face, excessive dribbling from the mouth and losing of her bladder control. Recently she has new types of seizures called gelastic seizures with the sudden burst of laughter and crying. Here's more information about gelastic seizures. Since the review, her seizures are getting much better but still are not in control.

This term of school (term 3 of 2013) she missed school a lot. When she is unwell, plus the increase of seizure, also means that she'll have sleeping problem too. Some days she would stay awake all night and sleep through out the day. Some days she can be awake for more that 24 hours but she won't go sleep for more that 12 hours.

I think it's just the same old thing happening with Mujhee. More seizures and new medication, medication which can't control seizure, a review, increase in medication, seizures will be controlled for a while and then the process is repeated again.

But hey, don't get me wrong. Life gets better. Alhamdulillah, I've not only been busy with my 6 adorable children. I'm doing great too, I love being the student of the Qur'an, I'm enjoying teaching Qur'an class on the weekend, I loves making skin care products for family and friends, I do craft and DIY home decorations, I like photograph nature and the list can go on and on.

I write my blog here.

When live get hard, don't lose hope. Never lose hope in Allah!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Talk to Allah: Get closer to Him during Ramadan 1434 Hijrah with the Qur'an

Free Islamic Calligraphy

“La ilaha illa Anta [none has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allah)], Glorified (and Exalted) are You [above all that (evil) they associate with You]. Truly, I have been of the wrong-doers."  Al-Qur'an, Al Anbiya  21:87

I am so grateful that I celebrated Ramadan this year. It is so sad that Ramadan has come to end so soon. I don't know if I'll still live to experience another Ramadan next year. I miss Ramadan already.

Once my Qur'an teacher reminded us that we are not lack of knowledge but lack of doing good deeds. I though, this is the time that I put an afford to practice what I know. In Islam doing good deeds and the right belief go hand in hand. There are so many verses in the Qur'an mentions about them and this one is my favourite ayah,
"O you who believe! Do your duty to Allah and fear Him. And seek the means of approach to Him, and strive hard in His Cause (as much as you can), so that you may be successful." Al Qur'an 5:35
Ramadan is about drawing closer to Allah by the recitation of the Qur'an, which was revealed in the same month. It is the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam to finish the whole Qur'an in Ramadan with angel Jibreel alaihi salam. I am so glad that my Qur'an teacher gave us memorization homework of some juz or sections of the Qur'an for revision during Ramadan. Alhamdulillah, Allah blessed me with the time to study them.

I also take time to study the Quran explanation. I love it when I understand the Qur'an. Once I was in the car reciting Qur'an and tears came. There are so much things that Allah is telling me through the Qur'an. Allah is talking to me through Qur'an. This made me realized that I really need to study the Arabic language, the language of the Qur'an,  to understand the Qur'an and to understand what actually Allah is trying to tell me. Insha Allah I would like to join Arabic with Husna teaches by Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan.

I love being the student of the Quran. I just love it! May Alllah help me with my study and keep my intention of studying the Qur'an for remembrance of Him. Allah said in the Qur'an,
"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. " AlQur'an (13:28)
 "Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying). I will remember you.'' Al Qur'an (2:152)
I remember the hadith my teacher told me at the beginning when I started study Quran that it was said by the prophet that those who read the Quran beautifully will be in the company the angels but those who struggle when reading, will have twice reward. Subhanallah!
"Verily the one who recites the Qur’an beautifully, smoothly, and precisely, he will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels. And as for the one who recites with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, then he will have TWICE that reward.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]
This Ramadan I bought a note book to write my conversation with Allah. Alhamdulillah, during Ramadan I took some time (I wish I took more time) before iftar or breaking the fast to talk to Him by praying or making dua to Him. I go to a quiet place in my house, usually in my bedroom, and I just talk to Him.

I always admire how Prophet Yaakub alaihi salam who used to complain to Allah,
 “I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah…” Al Qur'an (Yusuf 12:86) 
This is the best example. I always remind myself that if he complain to Allah why dont't I?

I remember my teacher reminded us about prayer before iftar and she said to be very specific when you pray and say all the details what you need to ask. Like what she said, I have got to be very specific and detailing in my dua. I give thank to Him for everything that He bless me with and the things that He keeps away from me, I ask for His forgiveness by deleting all my sins until there is no trace of them,  I ask Him to guide me to the truth by showing me the straight path, I ask Him to keep my faith strong and I ask him for many more things not only for myself but other as well.

Talking to Allah make me feel closer to Him. Subhanallah! During Ramadan I listen to Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan beautiful explanation about Allah is Near in Qur'an Weekly here.

Through the Qur'an Allah is talking to me. I'm grateful that I can talk to Him. I do feel blessed and closer to Him. I would say that the best training from this Ramadan for me is that I was able to develop the habit of talking to Him.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Our family favourite Eid cookies.

It has been a week since Eid, a celebration after the month of Ramadan, the fasting month. I know it's too late to say Eid Mubarak but I hope you had a blessed Eid and may Allah accept our deeds during Ramadan.

Speaking about Eid I would like to share the Eid cookies or biscuits that my girls and me makes almost every year. They are the Chocolate Almond, Makmur, Pineapple Tart/Nastar, Rainbow Crystal and Sarang Semut/ Ant's Nest.

Insha Allah I would like to share the recipes here for my future reference. Most of them are in Malay though.

I made Nastar as my soul mate called it or Pineapple Tart especially for him and my beautiful girl Riyah. I got the recipe from Mat Gebu at the Dapur Tanpa Sempadan. Here is the link for the pastry and the link for the pineapple jam is here. Usually I make them with butter but this year I made them using margarine. I found them a bit harder. My soul mate likes them to be rolled but since I don't have the mould like this or this so I made the Nyonya style using the cookie cutter like this.

Pineapple Tart

My other two beautiful girls Tas and Niifah really love the Chocolate Almond. I got the recipe from Sweet V@nilla blog, a final year medical student in Moscow who want to be a chef . Here is the link to the recipe.

 Chocalate Almond

We made the Sarang Semut Biscuit or The Ant's Nest because Niifah loves it. This year when we made it the girls just realized that the chocolate rice was actually the ants on the ant's nest. Here is the link for the recipe.

 Ant's Nest

The Makmur Biscuit and Rainbow Crystal Biscuit are my all time favourite. I always make Rainbow Crystal for Eid because it is my old time favourite other than Makmur. For the Crystal Ball recipe I got it from Resipi Chef and the link is here. For the first time this year I got my gut to make the Makmur but during the time when I was making it, I said to myself that this is the first and last because it took so much of my time to make it. It tastes really yummy and I may make it next Eid, so I better save the link to the recipe from My Lemony Kitchen here, Lisa, a blogger who live in Perth. I use half of the ghee recommended on the recipe.

 Rainbow Crystal


We all have our favourite cookies for Eid. I wonder if Mujhee could take her food orally instead through the PEG or tube on her tummy, what would be her favourite? When I asked Fana, my youngest girl, which one is her favourite, she say all of them.